Account Recovery of My FB Account Started Automatically without My Consent!! What to do?

What would be your reaction when account recovery of Facebook gets started without your consent? Frustration and distress keep revolving in you as the threat of images and other important documents getting hacked are always on the of your mind. Same happened in my case when I woke up today morning and saw my Facebook account Inbox with a message “Account Recovery of your Facebook account started”. But it’s been quite late since the message was sent at my email address as my Facebook account was up and working, which I deactivated 3 days back. To be quite surprising, all activities happened without my consent.

Did you know? :

I don’t know how account recovery in my FB account automatically started even without my consent which I deactivated or sent a request for account deletion 3-5 days back with hacking attempts increasing at brisk pace. Before this incident, account recovery process also started for my Facebook account, which happened 2-3 days back when I changed my password. It is the same scenario here as well with the direct indication FB account compromise in front of me.

There are certain indications, which made me sure about the Facebook account hacking attempt.

  • Password recovery verification code sent to my registered email address
  • Text message sent by Facebook with verification code on recovery phone number
  • My Facebook profile image changed without letting me know about it
  • Modifications in account settings with notification option disabled.

Before this incident, many other issues arise and all were reported to Facebook technical support team by creating a ticket or by mentioning the complete issue and filling up contact us form. The absence of official Facebook Tech Support Phone Number 24x7 has made the things complicated as it could have helped me this time as well to get an immediate resolution to fix this critical problem.

Though I have modified my contact details as well as recovery phone number and secondary email address in my Facebook account. I will now be creating a request to delete my Facebook account permanently after removing the images, posts, contact details, image profile as it has become quite necessary as per my perspective to provide a security shield to my social networking account so that no one can use my Facebook identity to attempt malicious activities.